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Able, Gifted & Talented Students

Chailey School is committed to giving every student in its care the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. This, of course, includes those who are amongst the academically more able or who display some level of giftedness or exceptional talent.

At Chailey we recognise and celebrate a diversity of abilities and talents, from the exceptional mathematician to the talented violinist to the outstanding cricketer. We believe that most of the opportunities to provide for, as well as extend, challenge and develop the most able, gifted and/or talented student, will inevitably occur within normal school lessons – it is a focus in the planning of lessons. However, and in addition to this, extension, enrichment and extra-curricular provision are features of the life of the school and are reflected in our approach to Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC).

All able students receive support within the school, and some will receive additional individual support from senior leaders in the school where it is deemed particularly appropriate. It is most important to support, celebrate and enjoy the achievements of our more able, gifted and talented students as a matter of course, although we also respect where individual students find that uncomfortable. Celebrating success is an integral part of the school’s culture.


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