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Arts, Culture, British Values and SMSC

Students' spiritual, moral and social development is a core part of what we do at Chailey School - this is reflected in our core RE provision in Key Stages 3 and 4, a diverse and stimulating assembly and 'Community and Culture' programme with senior staff and tutors, and our PSHE planning and delivery, emphasising such aspects as respecting each other, co-operation and collaboration, participating responsibly, and caring for our communities. More importantly, it is 'lived' in our day-to-day approach and interactions, our values (including what are seen as 'British Values'), and simply what we say and do.

Alongside SMSC, the promotion of arts and culture as well as creative ways of teaching and learning (particularly through the Arts subjects but also across the whole curriculum) are reflected in our classrooms and learning spaces, our Teaching & Learning policy, and our Curriculum Intent. This can be seen through both the formal ‘Curriculum Design’ (1), but also the ‘Informal Curriculum’ (3) and ‘Building Character and Values in the Curriculum’ (4) in our Intent. More can be found on this in the other tabs in this 'Learning' section of this website. 

Enhancing students' cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation is emphasised through all subjects and reflected in our current Artsmark Award and continuing Artsmark journey: emphasis in planning and delivery here is focused around profile (of Arts & Culture in school), pride (in the quality of what we do), participation (in terms of numbers and diversity of students involved) and partnerships (with external organisations connected with arts and culture). It is also reflected in the 'Chailey Way' (the journey that students undertake from Year 7 to 11), and the opportunities that are provided for students and are encouraged and recognised through the Chailey Award (at Key Stage 3) and Chailey Diploma (at Key Stage 4). Learning Outside the Classroom (see separate website tab) supports these very important aspects of learning and closely connects to it; Chailey School is the only school in Sussex to have Silver Award for Learning Outside the Classroom.

The related documents here demonstrate where specific aspects of SMSC occur in the curriculum at Chailey, as our overall approach to SMSC, as well as how this is manifest in our assembly programme.

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