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GCSE Summer 2022

GCSEs - Summer 2022 - Monday 16th May to Wednesday 29th June 2022

The Summer 22 GCSE exams will take place:

Monday 16th May to Wednesday 29th June 2022.

Contingency Day

This includes the Contingency Day of 29th June 2022. Students and parents should ensure that students are available to attend any GCSE exam up to this day and should not book holidays until after the Contingency Day of 29th June.

GCSE Timetable

The timetable for Summer 2022 exams is in the Related Files menu.

Summer 2022 Contingency Plans

The Joint Council for Qualifications has produced a document in respect of Summer 2022, including contingency plan details, should exams be cancelled:


Students should be aware that, should Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS) be used to replace exams in Summer 2022, marks and grades may be used from Trial Examinations, which will be run in line with JCQ rules and regulations.


The school will communicate important exams information with students and parents via email through Edulink – pupils must remember to check their school e-mail accounts regularly for exams updates. This will be very important should the school have to close for any reason. Please ensure that the school has up-to-date e-mail address details for parents / carers and that students know their school e-mail address.

What about loss of learning / impact of Covid?

Amendments have been made to the content of some exams. This has been advised to students in the Y11 Post 16 Information Evening, which can be viewed:


JCQ Notices for Students

All students must read the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) Information and Notices for candidates produced each year which give details of the regulations that candidates MUST comply with during their formal exams. The link to the JCQ website is:


The documents are also located in the right-hand Related Files menu:

JCQ Information for Candidates: Privacy Notice

JCQ Information for Candidates: For Written Examinations

JCQ Information for Candidates: Non-Examination Assessments

JCQ Information for Candidates: On-screen Examinations

JCQ No Unauthorised Items poster

JCQ Warning to Candidates poster

JCQ Information for Candidates: Using Social Media and Examinations/Assessments

Instructions for Candidates Video

Students will be shown the Instructions for Candidates video before the Y11 Trial exams being held w/c 29th November. Students can also view the video on youtube:


Ofqual Website

Ofqual provides updates on arrangements for examinations and assessment, the link to the Ofqual website is:


Exam Boards

A table listing exam subjects, code and board details can be found in the right-hand related files menu titled Exam Board Codes.

Exam board website links:

AQA: https://www.aqa.org.uk/student-and-parent-support

Eduqas: https://www.eduqas.co.uk/home/2022-here-to-support-you/

OCR: https://www.ocr.org.uk/supporting-you/

Pearson: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/campaigns/summer-2022-support.html

WJEC: https://www.wjec.co.uk/home/2022-everything-you-need-to-know/


Exams at Chailey School are run in accordance with current DfE regulations, including the Guidance to Public health arrangements for autumn exams:


Chailey’s COVID 19 risk assessment can be found on the school website:


The school’s COVID 19 Exams risk assessment can be found on the last pages of the Student Exams hand book.

Extra Time

The extra Time table used to work out the time to be added to each exam is in the right-hand Related Files menu.


Exams Update – 8th February 2022

Summer 2022 – Advance Information – Released 7th February 2022

The exam boards have now published the advance information available for students on their websites. Subject teachers will share the information with students during lessons. Subject specific advance information documents will also be available to access on student Show My Homework accounts.

The following links also give details on advance information available to students for Summer 2022 exams.

JCQ Advance Information Documents

JCQ has published two documents for students and parents:

JCQ Advance Information Student Guide:


JCQ FAQ (for Students) Advance information for General Qualifications – Summer 2022:


Exam Board links:

Although subject specific details will be put onto SHMW, students and parents can also access details through the following Exam Board Advance Information links:









Y11 Exams Revision and Preparation Evening – Thursday 3rd March 2022

A presentation evening to students and parents on the revision and preparation of exams is being organised, which will fully prepare students for both the internal trial exams scheduled for w/c 14th March and the GCSE exams starting on 16th May 2022. Further details on the evening will be forwarded shortly.

Y11 Trial Exams – w/c 14th March 2022 - Timetable

The timetable for the Y11 Trial Exams scheduled for w/c 14th March 2022 is attached. The exams will be held in the sports hall, library and computing room 2. Formal exam conditions will apply, and students must ensure they understand and follow the rules and regulations set by JCQ. These can be found on the school website.

Revision Lists

Up-to-date revision lists will be published shortly on Show My Homework, in time for students to begin their revision during the half-term break.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Ms Poole or Mrs Adams if you have any queries or questions in respect of exams.


Exams Update – 3rd March 2022

GCSE Information Evening

We hope students and their families found the GCSE Information Evening useful. A copy of the presentation can be found on the website.

Edulink – Personal Details

Students are asked to check that their legal names and date of birth on Edulink are accurate. This is to ensure that Exam Certificates are correct and that government systems can apply exam information to the student. Please advise Mr Mayhew of any amendments by 11th March: gmayhew@chaileyschool.org. If you do not contact him, we shall assume these details are correct.

Edulink – Exam Entries

Students must check all their exam entries are correct on Edulink:

  • Subject
  • Tier of Entry for Science, MFL and Maths

These are accessed through the Exams tab on Edulink. If any subjects are missing or incorrect, please advise Mrs Adams by 11th March: jadams@chaileyschool.org. If you do not contact her, we shall assume that all entries are correct.

Edulink – Personal Timetable

Student personal timetables are on Edulink. They include Exam details: date, time, duration (excluding extra time). NEA practical and MFL speaking units are listed without dates and times, these will be given to students by their subject teachers.

Exams Student Information Handbook

Please find the Exams Student Information Handbook in the related files menu. Students and their families should read this so that they are aware of how examinations are run at Chailey School.

Y11 Trial Exams – w/c 14th March 2022 - Timetable

The latest timetable for the Y11 Trial Exams scheduled for w/c 14th March 2022 is attached. The exams will be held in the sports hall, library and computing room 2. Formal exam conditions will apply, and students must ensure they understand and follow the rules and regulations set by JCQ. These can be found on the school website.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Ms Poole or Mrs Adams if you have any queries or questions in respect of exams.


Website Updates

Please check this part of the school website regularly for any news or updates regarding GCSEs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Adams with any questions or queries:


01273 890407 extn 2020

Mrs Adams






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