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Curriculum Leader, Art - Mrs D Johnson

Artistic potential shows itself in a variety of ways and we aim to provide a wide range of art experience with opportunities for enjoyment, involvement and the extension of individual creative potential.

Art at Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 Art is taught once a week and in Year 9 is taught twice a week.

In Art, students work on a series of projects based on a variety of different themes.  They explore ideas and select visual information.  They are taught to use and experiment with a wide variety of techniques and materials and are given regular opportunities to develop and refine their expertise.  They study the work of other artists, craftspeople and designers making connections with their own ideas and art work.  They then plan and create their own final artwork which is assessed in conjunction with the preparatory work in their sketchbooks.

By the end of each year, at least 3 full projects are completed and assessed against the National Curriculum.

Homework is set approximately once every 2 weeks. 

Art at Key Stage 4

Art is a popular subject at KS4.  The GCSE is unendorsed, which means that students can use a wide range of skills and mediums to develop their outcomes.  The course is set by the Edexcel examination board and requires one unit of coursework - (Portfolio Unit 1) and the completion of a final exam to fulfil the exam board's criteria.

Students are expected for each unit and exam to have one work journal of development and a final piece based on the set theme and assessment criteria:

art table2

 Extra Curricular Activities

There are currently 2 art clubs at lunchtimes and 1 after school for students to complete work or engage in projects they have initiated.

Students are encouraged to enrol into the Arts Award.  The programme is designed to inspire students across the arts to develop their own personal interests and to receive an NQF level award at the end of the year.  Students choose to be entered for the bronze or silver award.  There is an annual Gifted and Talented KS3 trip.

Homework lists and additional resources to support the art curriculum are available on our VLE the 'Chailey Learning Zone'

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