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Faculty Team Leader for English - Mrs R Turner


In English at Chailey, we promote the love of:

  • challenging reading
  • creative writing
  • high quality talk

Students are encouraged to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with other effectively.

The department provides students with the following opportunities:

BBC School News Report Year 7, supported by older students, produce news reports that are published on the BBC website.

'The Chailey Times':  Year 9 students independently produce a termly school newspaper.

Southern Schools’ Book Award: Every year, Year 9’s keen readers take part in a book club that discusses five novels. The group chooses their favourite and attends the award ceremony at Roedean College.

Theatre trip to see 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-Time':  Key Stage 4 students are provided with the opportunity to see a performance of the exam text they are studying. 


Independent Study

A new GCSE specification was introduced in September 2015.  We follow AQA English Language and Literature which are assessed be examinations at the end of Year 11.

In addition to resources provided on Show My Homework, the 'Chailey Learning Zone' has a range of revision resources, advice and past papers for further exam practice.  CPG offer an excellent range of study guides, as do York Notes.  You can usefully work from the websites linked to on the right.  BBC Bitesize is quite good, especially on 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' while englishbiz is also good.  BBC Skillswise is useful for revising the basics, such as punctuation, sentence structures, cohesion and paragraphing. 

You may be encourage to know handwriting is not assessed.  (The examiners need to be able to read an answer though!)

Ways to succeed:

  • Read lots of fiction for pleasure!
  • Excellent attendance will ensure you are fully prepared for all your assessments. (Always see you English teacher immediately if you have been absent and catch-up on work missed.)
  • Keep on top of homework and revision.
  • Act on the regular feedback you are given and work hard to make progress with your EBIs.
  • Apply MERCI in Literature exams (Method Effects References Context Ideas).
  • Before you start writing, think about the PAT (Purpose Audience Text Type).  Plan paragraphing of a piece of writing (any writing – not just English work). Write it
    carefully. Check it over.
  • Keep a spelling page and learn the ones that cause trouble.
  • Read your own work aloud to yourself or to a sympathetic listener.
  • Think long term. Language skills are for life, not just GCSE.
  • Enjoy words. Appreciate their power…



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