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At Chailey School, Geography is all about developing students’ understanding of and engagement in the world in which they live. Within each Key Stage 3 unit students investigate natural and human processes and features influencing people and environments, and consider how resources are used and managed by humans. Students study issues on a number of scales from the local to global level and consider how elements change over time.

There are extensive opportunities for students to develop geographical skills, for example field sketching, map reading, locational knowledge. Students are encouraged to utilise and develop further skills introduced in other subject areas, for example the presentation and analysis of data, how to participate in a debate.

The nature of the subject ensures that Geography remains up-to-date and relevant to students. Students investigate events in the news so that they are aware of the challenges that face the world. In addition, students are encouraged to consider different values and approaches towards issues such as climate change, migration and resource use.


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