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Physical Education and Health-Related Studies

The Physical and Health Related Studies Faculty encompasses Physical Education, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship. The faculty objective is to encourage students to commit to a healthy, active lifestyle, to develop an understanding of how to maintain this throughout their lives and to become well rounded young adults who are able to contribute positively to society and their communities.
In order to achieve this, students will study how to improve mental and social health as well as accessing a broad curriculum of sports to demonstrate that physical health can be improved through a variety of means.
Specifically in PSHE and Citizenship, students will also cover topics such as political systems, the law, financial capability, risk, careers and sex and relationships education.
At Key Stage 3 students have two lessons a week of core PE and one lesson of PSHE.
At Key Stage 4 students continue with two lessons a week of core PE and can also opt for GCSE PE, which is a further 3 lessons of PE a week.
With regard PSHE, students will continue with one lesson a week until the end of Year 10. There is no PSHE provision in Year 11.
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