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PSHE & Citizenship

Faculty Leader, PE & PSHE - Ms J Maynard


PSHE and Citizenship

These two subjects are delivered through one lesson per week. Units are divided up in into predominantly PSHE units with some Citizenship elements.

PSHE has two parts to it:

Personal well-being – This contributes to each student’s personal development as a young person. We focus on the development of skills needed to work well with others and do activities that help to increase self-esteem. Students learn about how to enjoy healthy, safe and responsible lives and how to manage risk. They will have many opportunities to discuss their own and others views and attitudes about different issues.

Economic well-being - This includes careers, financial capability and enterprise and this area has strong links with other subjects.


Students are encouraged to take an interest in current issues and get involved in debates. They will learn about politics, human rights, the law, how to be an active citizen and make a positive difference to their local and global communities. Citizenship supports respect for different cultures and beliefs and it challenges the stereotypes we have of people. Students will explore what it means to be a citizen in the UK.

Students have many opportunities to work as pairs, groups and as a whole class and good use is made of ICT based presentations and topical film clips. Particular emphasis is placed on creating a safe classroom environment where students feel confident and comfortable in expressing and exploring their own and others’ views and values. As a Department we are keen for students to see PCE and Citizenship as areas where debate, the questioning of assumptions and attitudes and the development of tolerance underpin all that we do.

A number of external partners make valuable additions to our work. These have recently included: Police, school nurses, the Fire and Rescue Service, War Child, Trading Standards, NatWest Money Sense program, cabinet members of East Sussex County Council and the Criminal Justice Board for Sussex.

All of our Year 10 students take part in the ‘Education Challenge’ Enterprise day, the largest one-day enterprise competition in the UK. Students have to work under pressure as a team to research, plan and present a workable business idea. The day is planned in conjunction with our Education Business Partners and involves facilitators and judges from the world of work both external to the school and governors of the school. The winning entry from 2009 was short listed to compete in the South East regional Final.

A ‘Relationships day’ takes place for Year 10 each year. This makes use of the skills and expertise of a number of individuals to extend and develop the work students have completed in KS3. Students experience a number of workshops during the day led by the following: ‘It Happens’ (teenage parent educators), Police Schools Liaison Officer, Dr Humm (from a local STI Clinic).


Impartial CEIAG will be gained from a range of different websites.  This tool can also be accessed by parents through the link on the website.

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