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Faculty Team Leader, Science - Mrs V Chalcraft



The Chailey School Science department believes that all students should be given opportunities to turn their learning potential in science into excellent achievement.  We aim to do this by supporting and enabling students to explore, enjoy and achieve their best in science.

At Key Stage 3, students benefit from learning science through a fully interactive programme of study which follows the government's framework for science guidelines.

The Key Stage 3 course through years 7, 8 and 9 is fully integrated and allows for continuity in teaching and learning which enables teachers to assess pupils progress and to give students opportunities for assessing their prior learning and therefore future learning.  These are fundamentals for turning learning potential in Science into achieving excellence in Science.

Our Key Stage 3 course has been designed to follow the new science curriculum for Key Stage 3.

We at Chailey School Science department ensure that we are meeting the needs of all our students by continuing to evolve and develop our teaching and learning so that our program of study:

• is appropriately differentiated
• is accessible for all
• is comprehensive and enriching
• is putting science in context
• is flexible to facilitate personalise learning
• is challenging and motivating for pupils.

Students have opportunities that include a wide range of:

• testing and assessment opportunities (including baseline pre-unit testing)
• literacy, numeracy and ICT skills opportunities
• personal learning and thinking skills opportunities
• cross-curricular links including PSHEE and Citizenship

Each year the science courses are divided into three sections, which cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics with the “How Science Works” framework incorporated throughout each unit.

Useful websites can be found on the CLZ.

Future career opportunities in Science
Science is fast becoming one of the most crucial subjects in allowing students access to higher education courses.  Future careers could include anything from agriculture, nursing, medicine, engineering to hairdressing and electrical work.  The world of work is so varied and requires students to have a good grasp of the world around them.  Science at Chailey will enable every student to get the best possible grounding for their future, whatever route they choose.

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