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2016 Ski Trip


Connor Skelton, Year 9, writes:

Chailey School Ski Trip 2016

The Chailey School Ski Trip occurs every second year. It is open to Years 9,10 and 11. This article is a day-by-day guide of what happened on it.  It might encourage other students to do it when their opportunity comes up to go on the next trip.

Day One:

We arrived at school at 7:30. As we had been waiting for around 11 months, 29 million seconds to be exact, we were all ecstatic but couldn’t believe it was finally here. We had finally departed with our Chailey School Ski Trip 2016 jumpers on at 8:15. However, there had been a storm and power cuts and trees falling down the night before so it wasn’t the easiest ride. Especially as when we arrived the school fence was barely standing. We arrived at the airport at 10, checked in, went through security and were given an hour to ourselves in Terminal 3 to do what we liked. Once we saw the gate was open at 12:30 we went straight to the Airbus A340-600 with Virgin Atlantic. The plane had over 250 films on the screen in front including Suffragette, the new Alvin and the Chipmunks and Star Wars - May the Force Be With You.  The plane departed right on schedule and we made up 30 minutes due to the empty airspace. Seven and a half hours later we finally arrived. It was then a four hour coach journey to the hotel but most of us were asleep. We went to the most comfortable beds of our lives. Or so it felt.

Day Two:

On this day we were all ecstatic again. We got into our gear and took a highly scenic two minute bus journey to the South Ridge Lodge where we had breakfast, found our instructors for the week, and got to the nursery slopes. The first hour was what they call ‘yard sales’ where all of our skis and poles were spread everywhere but we eventually got the hang of it and by hour three we were hitting the big slopes; or what we thought were big. The first journey on the ski lift was amazing. It is very daunting the first time but by the third time we were walking all over it. Also the first time on the big slopes was even more yard sales. Later that evening, after dinner, we went back to the South Ridge Lodge to do an evening activity witch was snow tubing. It is basically a big ring that you go down a hill on which is sensationally fast but fun. We each had several goes including the staff.

Day Three:

Day Three was doing lots of the same run for the first two hours and after lunch we went on the gondola which takes you to the Dream Way. It is a run that seemed really steep at the start but by the end of that session we realised that we could actually ski. And I personally realised how much I enjoyed the pure sensation of just non-stop skiing. That evening activity was watching Guardians of the Galaxy because we had hired out a room. Also a lot of us had discovered the arcade and there were a few “who can get the sparkly penguin” competitions in the claw machine at 50cents a go.

Day Four:

On this day we were very keen to get out. We had all been on the gondola by now so we were hoping to be challenged even more. We stayed on Dream Way but a couple of groups went on a blue slope which is a little harder. We all enjoyed it and were starting to practise our parallel turns which were perfected by the end of the day and we got to realise how useful our poles were. That evening we went bowling. Or the American version anyway. It was basically professional skittles. It was a lot of fun and a nice social way to spend the evening despite the very noisy bus journey.

Day Five:

Day Five, again, we were excited to get out. The conditions weren’t terrific as the weather had got up to thirteen degrees and some snow melted. There were some serious ‘mashed potatoes’ where the snow gets what it says, like mashed potatoes. However it improved the quality of our skiing dramatically and we enjoyed the challenge. A lot of us went on a black slope which is relatively hard and that challenge was great. It was also a lot higher so the snow was much better quality. The evening activity that night was zip lining

Day Six:

This was our last day skiing and we simply wanted to go for it. We wanted to push ourselves as much as we could. We went on a nice easy slope before lunch and then afterwards we went up to the top of one of the peaks. We enjoyed it so much and were glad and surprised by how much progress we had achieved. We got our certificates from our instructors to say we had completed the course. Later that evening after dinner we had an Achievement Assembly to give out certain awards for people who had done the most funny but idiotic things on the whole trip. For example Imogen and Eloise got the Smugglers Award for managing to smuggle 600 grams of dried mango even after they had declared they had no food and Dan Sims leaving himself behind because he went shopping thinking he was early and also for falling down a double back diamond which is the hardest and steepest ski slopes there is.

Day Seven:

This was the day that we left the resort. We left at nine o’clock and made our four hour coach journey back to Boston. On the way we stopped off at a traditional maple farm and learned how it was made and why it can’t be made in any other continent and even got the chance to buy some. However it was freezing which made some of us regret not putting on our ski jackets!!! We arrived at a shopping centre where we were given a couple of hours to do what we liked. There was a massive sweet shop with traditional American sweets as far as the eye could see, a Lindt chocolate shop and plenty of  clothes shops. We arrived in Boston and got settled into our hotel. We dropped off our bags and within ten minutes we were touring round again. We headed straight for the Boston Skywalk Observatory which was an outstanding 52 levels high. Unfortunately it was disrupted slightly with a private event but was still really enjoyable. After a couple of hours at the hotel, we went to dinner at a place called Unos which had bottomless cups of soda (coke, Fanta etc) burgers, deep pan pizza and loads more! We went back to the hotel and got to bed by 10.

Day Eight:

This was our last day in America. We departed from the hotel and our first stop was the Red Sox baseball stadium. We had a one hour guided tour and found out how much more history there was to it than we thought. We still hadn’t learned from the day before and we were freezing because we were walking through the most powdery snow you can imagine. We then took our final stop at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Shopping Centres for a few hours. We had to find our own lunch and were given three hours to do what we liked but we felt like we would die before we got round it all. We split up and got to go round all the food stalls, jewellery, souvenirs and lots more. There was even a piano on the upper floor that anyone could play. The food was amazing. They had Italian, Greek, Asian and lots more but not surprisingly, the only piece of fruit or vegetable I could find was a toffee apple. We met up, got on the bus and headed straight for the airport. We were sitting on the plane for two hours before it took off but the flight was shorter on the way back due to stronger tail winds. We landed at eleven am British time and we were all really tired as we had now been up for 24 hours. As we pulled back to the School all our families were there waiting as we were two hours late but they were all happy to see us.

The Chailey school ski trip 2016 was a massive success.  A big thank you to the staff for making this trip possible and such an enjoyable experience for us all.



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