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Atlas Moth

Ms Purcell writes:

The Atlas Moth has emerged from its cocoon!

We were very excited when we came in on Friday morning to find that the Atlas Moth has emerged from its cocoon.

In CARE club the students had been looking after the Atlas Moth since February when he was just a caterpillar, feeding him privet until he grew to the size of a sausage.

He then formed a cocoon around himself and has been in there for a number of weeks.

He has emerged as a beautiful moth. We can tell that he is male due to his feathered antennae. Unfortunately he will only survive for about one week as in his moth form he does not have any mouthparts and so cannot eat. He is living off the reserves from eating as a caterpillar.

The students have enjoyed looking at the distinct markings on his wings which imitate snake's heads in order to scare predators away.

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