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#chaileyrocks Competition

Thank you those parents who attended the Parent Support Service seminar on Tuesday, it was so lovely to see so many of you.  Your response has been amazing and I am so excited to be sharing the good news about our brain's incredible potential with all of you.

Several of you spoke to me during the evening about particular complexities you and your children face, do email me with your detailed queries and I will come back to you with some suggestions to try.

The over-arching message of Tuesday (message 1 of the 6 in our seminars) is that without taking care of our brain our daily experience is compromised.  The complexity of the 21st century brings with it problems  which our low brain can often perceive as threats.  The triggering of our low brain's threat assessment response (flight, freeze, fight, flock) often leaves us actually making more problems rather than solving them.  To action our and our children's potential we need to use our high brain's ability to be aware of our well-being needs to enact a set of self-care strategies everyday, the 12 rocks of well-being.

Attached to this week's school newsletter is a well-being rocks tracker sheet and a colour poster of the rocks to print and stick on your Fridge.

With each of our Neuro-Ninja groups (that's all of you) we run mini-competitions between seminars.  

#chaileyrocks Competition

Over the next few weeks send us a photo of you or your children doing your rocks, choose any rock you like and hashtag it #chaileyrocks, you can send this via email to this address or tweet it to us at the link to Twitter or Facebook.  The prize is a Neuro-Ninja wristband, so it's just a bit of fun but we want to help celebrate self-care as a crucial part of our children's daily experience.  One of our aims is, across all of the schools we're working in, to create a community of parents and young people inspiring each other to get the most out of their amazing brains.

Take care all of you, have a wonderful Easter and see you all again for Seminar 2 on Wed 1 May at 6:30pm - Being Anxiety Aware.

 - Andrew Wright


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