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Curriculum Enrichment Week

By Amber and Megan

8 Glynde

On Friday 14th July 2017, Year 8 were lucky enough to visit the Science Museum in London. We all met at school at 7:15 and set off on our journey to London. It took about 2 hours to get there, however, it was definitely worth it. We were split into groups with our form and then set off with our teachers to explore the museum.

First, our group went into the shop. There were all kinds of things to purchase, varying from, colour changing putty and moon balls to stationary and technology. Once everyone was satisfied with their purchases, we continued to the ‘space’ section. This included lots of space rockets and suits. It was very interesting to look at it all and we enjoyed reading the facts.

Next, we were allowed to walk around the museum, discovering the different floors and what they had to offer. We all loved being able to look around where we wanted and use the interactive games.

Then, we sat down in the picnic area and ate our lunch. Some students bought ice creams and drinks. It was nice to sit down together and have a chat.

When we finished eating we gathered together and went to the BRAND NEW WONDERLAB. It was so much fun. There were all kinds of things, such as, slides where you had to see which one had the most friction and which had the least amount of friction and seats which you sat in and pulled a rope to make yourself go higher and power a mini wind turbine. I think everyone thought this to be the most fun so far.

After a very short hour in the WONDERLAB, we finished off our journey in the IMAX cinema where we watched a fish documentary in 3D. This was very interesting and helped us all to understand what it’s like to be a fish and the difficulties they face each day.

Unfortunately, our day had come to an end. So we did a register and got on the coaches. The traffic wasn’t too bad so it took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to return to school. Our parents picked us up at 5:30 and we all went home.

Even though it was an incredible day for everyone, it was also a long day. I’m sure we were all looking forward to going to bed that evening.

We would definitely recommend the Science Museum trip to everyone!


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