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Enterprise Challenge Prizewinners Day Out

Mr Hillier writes

"After many date changes, and hours of negotiations, the Enterprise Day winner's finally got to claim their prize. Everything about the day had been kept quiet, with the odd hint, clue and rumour dotted around school to cause a stir.


At 11.30 on the dot a gleaming white limo arrived to pick up our deserved winners. Jordan, Ethan, Max and Lucas soaked up the admiration from the playground before eventually climbing into the limo and making the first leg of the journey to the golden arches, also known as McDonalds.



Once suitably full of carbohydrates and sugar they made their way to BewilderBox Brighton, arguably Brighton's best escape room puzzle.


After tackling a number of puzzles, riddles, and the odd crisis, they managed to escape with 10 minutes to spare (The best from any group to visit bewilderbox was 24 minutes)."



A big thank you to the limo hire company Executive Hire for providing transport. Also, thanks to Sue Walker-Reilly who organised the trip with the support of Tim French from It’s Magic Events.









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