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Our classroom values that Chailey School are:

Kind - we are generous, helpful, tolerant and friendly. We think about other people's feelings.

Resilient - We are able to be positive or successful after something difficult has happened. We can recover from set-backs quickly.

Independent - We are capable of thinking or acting for ourselves. We can organise our own work and make our own decisions.

Creative - We use imaginative ideas to create something e.g. we are curious to solve a problem in a new way; we experiment with vocabulary; we present ideas in an unusual way.


Staff believe these values are important for the students to recognise and demonstrate at all times. These values link in with our curriculum and also our overarching school vision and values. We thought it important to show parents and carers some pictures of the students doing really well conducting their lessons whilst incorporating these values into their learning this week. We hope you enjoy them.

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