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Match Report - Wednesday 1st May

Our first match was against Uplands, the first goal was scored by Jocelyn, after 5 minutes the score was still 2-0 which won us the game. Our second match was against Heathfield B, in which Jocelyn scored 5 goals which won us the match 5-1. Our next match was against Heathfield A, which we unfortunately lost 5-3. Our second to last match we won 6-1, which was against Uckfield B. finally we had our last match, which was tough but we managed to win 5-1!!!!


1st Heathfield A

2nd Chailey

3rd Uckfield A

4th Uplands

5th Heathfield B

6th Uckfield B

WHO ARE WE……..CHAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Player of the match: Jocelyn Care


Match Reporters - Jocelyn Care, Ava Reece and Louise Awcock

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