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Match Report








Heathfield school


Heathfield school

Match Report

B team

The B team did extremely well, winning 15nl. They had good interceptions and were generally playing well. Scarlet and Maddison scored some really good goals and that combined with good teamwork is what brought them the win. They worked really hard throughout the match and we are all really happy for the B teams victory.

A team

We were really well focused and won 5-4 against Heathfield. We

played really well in the first quarter (with the score 5nl to us) and in

the second quarter we continued playing well, but unfortunately the

opposition got more goals. However, throughout the whole 4 quarters

we held really strong defence and scored some superb goals, which is

why we managed to win.


Players of the match (Student vote)

Scarlet Walker and Katie Smith

Player of the match (Teacher vote)

Nancy Holmes

Match reporter

Florence Home and Katie Smith- A team

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