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Music Invention Project

Chailey Secondary and Chailey Heritage are collaborating in a joint music invention project, where students from both schools will work together creating new music and new instruments using an ingenious invention kit called the Makey Makey. The goal is to enable able-bodied and disabled young people to work together and create music together, breaking down barriers and making some great tracks along the way. This week, four Year 9 students experimented with the Makey Makey for the first time, and have already created instruments out of gummy snakes and a grapefruit (check out the videos on the Makey Makey website to see how)! They’ll be visiting Chailey Heritage soon for some joint sessions where the instrument builds will get even wilder. We’re really hoping that this small project will attract some outside funding for a larger musical venture - perhaps a Chailey ‘Orchestra for all’ !


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