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Raising £1508.20 for Lepra

Raising £1508.20 for Lepra
Lepra is a UK-based international charity that is working to beat leprosy, a disease that still affects millions of vulnerable people across the world. They work overseas in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique and work to improve the lives of those affected by leprosy. They have been fighting disease since 1924 and are one of the world’s leading authorities on leprosy. It is a curable disease and with continued support they can help more people to overcome this disease and rebuild their lives. The students in Year 7 have worked really hard fundraising this year and took part in Zumba workout. In total, they have raised an amazing total of £1508.20 for the charity and were presented with a plaque and certificates from Lepra.
More information can be found at www.lepra.org.uk.
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