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Review of Glyndebourne Opera “Cinderella”

Student Reviews of Glyndebourne Opera “Cinderella”

Arts Award 2019

David Eke

"I enjoyed the opera because

  • it was exciting and loud

  • how high up we sat and a kid randomly started dancing in the audience

  • the stage started moving into a clock."


Jen Harvey

"I enjoyed the set. It looked so real and magical. I loved the trick photography and the lighting was amazing. The music was also very good.

I loved the acting. I like how they were singing all the time. The orchestra was epic. If they had done anything wrong you couldn't tell because the music was so powerful."


Robbie Davis

  • "Is was big and in French. It looked clean and there was a underground bit under the stage.

  • The costumes where good but they could have been better. I was expecting the costumes to be an older style because it was Cinderella.

  • The mirrors look very good when the lights were shined on them and they moved around."

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