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The Chailey Award and Diploma

The aim of the ‘Chailey Award’ at Key Stage 3 is to support and encourage all Chailey students in having the experiences and opportunities that are important in developing the well-rounded young person at Chailey School. It embraces our school values and our unique qualities as a school and community.

The focus is on experiences and opportunities provided by the school; whilst opportunities provided away from school are, of course, very valuable, in this way those from disadvantaged backgrounds are not discriminated against, and we can also monitor who is (and who is not) taking advantage of the opportunities the school provides.

There are three levels (‘Apprentice', ‘Graduate’ and ‘Masters’). Students are to collate a simple portfolio during the year of how they have developed in eleven key areas. These are:

A. Creativity - own artwork 

B. Creativity - own performance

C. Language and travel

D. Teamwork and sport

E: Culture – exhibition

F: Culture - performance

G: Science beyond the classroom

H: The community and beyond

I: The residential

J: Leadership

K: Business and the world of work

There are five ‘application windows’ across Key Stage 3 – to apply, students are then encouraged to complete a straightforward one-sided ‘Application Form’. Each application is looked at carefully to make a judgement; students may, of course, re-apply in the next window.

Success at any of the levels is recognised through receipt of a Chailey ‘Windmill Badge’. We have award ceremonies (usually in tutor groups for Apprentice and Graduate level) to support this. However, it is the actual involvement in the opportunities and experiences that is the most important part, not the badge itself.

Beyond this, at Key Stage 4, we are developing a ‘Chailey Diploma’, appropriate for our students at that stage in their education. This will continue to support and encourage their development as well-rounded young people and also enhance their applications to sixth-form providers who have already indicated their strong support for this initiative. 

For further information and detail on the Chailey Award and Diploma, please contact Mr Dudgeon (Assistant Headteacher).

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