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V & A Fashion Show Review

Helen-Louise Aitchison, Year 10, writes:

V & A Fashion Show - ‘Fashion in Motion: Ashish’

On the 23rd of November I travelled to London to see a fashion show called ‘Fashion in Motion: Ashish’. This event was to be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum at 17.00pm.

I found the fashion show really inspiring and adventurous with the way each outfit was presented. It was set in a large hall usually surrounded with pictures, but today there was a black catwalk in the middle of the room and lighting at two ends. There were a lot of ushers and cameramen who were ensuring everything was going to plan. As the show began the music started and it became quiet as the first model made her way out onto the catwalk. Each outfit was different in colour and design, as the show had varied outfits from different years and seasons.

My favourite outfit was most probably the long dress with the Statue of Liberty on the front. The reason for this is that the whole attitude to the outfit was relaxed and the effort made on the embroidery was unbelievable and looked stunning.

The majority of the outfits I liked, however, I personally felt there were the odd few that were boring or lacking in inspiration.

In conclusion I found the show to be a great experience for any person who enjoys fashion as much as I do, and I thoroughly recommend that if a similar event was to be hosted by the V & A, you should try to see it.


This Review forms part of Helen-Louise's Bronze Arts Award portfolio.

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