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Visit to London

Just before Easter some lucky students and I departed to London for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Firstly, we went to the houses of parliament greeted by an enthusiastic tour guide who showed us around the ancient rooms. We visited the house of commons, the house of lords, the commons chamber, St. Stephen's hall and the speaker's chair.

One of my favourite parts was the house of Commons as it really gave me a sense of the politics that goes on every day.
To my surprise, the room was smaller than I imagined even though it accommodates up to 427 members.
Another room I enjoyed was St. Stephens hall as the architecture was extremely detailed and nothing like I've ever seen before.

Later that day we moved onto meeting Maria Caulfield who kindly agreed to answer our questions, mostly regarding the Brexit situation!
In her past career life, Maria Caulfield was an NHS nurse who later joined a campaign to save local hospitals around Sussex.
This inspired her to become a conservative MP for East Sussex.

On our way around London, we came across some Brexit marches, displays and protestors.
It goes without saying that Brexit is one of the most important issues facing us to this day,
so was interesting to get an insight into the daily politics surrounding us.

After, we went to Westminster Abbey where more than 3,300 famous people are either buried or cremated. 

When we first walked in our tour guide showed us the coronations chair. In 1296 the chair was commissioned by King Edward to be used for the coronation of every British monarch till 1308.

Next, we saw an unidentified WW1 soldiers grave surrounded by poppies to remember the all courageous soldiers that lost their lives.

Throughout the tour, we came across beautiful stained glass windows and incredibly detailed architecture. Above all, my favourite part was the king's tombs as many others and I found it astounding to think that someone who had shaped history was right next to us.

Overall, Westminster Abbey is an extremely breathtaking place to visit. I am very glad we had the opportunity to go.

I would like to thank all of the incredible teachers that arranged and organised the trip! Thank you so much for giving us this amazing experience I'm so grateful for everything. 

- Martha Adamson-Dunman, 9GL

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