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Work Experience

Mrs Key writes:

Year 10 students at Chailey School have just spent an incredibly worthwhile week in work placements – one of the students even admitted they came back to school for a rest. 

Although work experience is no longer compulsory, here at Chailey School we believe it really helps students to see the world beyond the classroom, and helps teach employability skills. 

Students spent time in many different employment sectors including IT, architects, outdoor companies, schools, charities, archaeology, medicine and marketing. 

We believe in the power of work experience.  It really helps to broaden the horizons of our students.  It teaches them so much more than just about the particular company they are placed with.  It teaches them about crucial employability skills such as communication, timekeeping and reliability.  Many of the students have come back into school eager to get on with their learning and reach for new heights.

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