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Work Experience

National Cat Adoption Centre

Sophie Wright: I really enjoy working at the cat centre. I have actually been a volunteer there for 6 years now.

The work that is involved there can be quite tiring. I love the environment there; all the staff are very friendly and welcoming to any new volunteers. The day can fly past in moments and it can get quite busy. We feed the cats and clean their pens, health check them to make sure all are in good health. I find being there and working very good because it allows me to develop more skills in working with animals and it helps me gain confidence in talking to members of the public. Working there is very rewarding because you feel like you have really helped out animals that need your help and because it’s a charity it makes you realise what it takes to be a part of that team and work well to be able to keep up the highest standard of care that they have for the cats that come in no matter what condition.


Annalise Halliwell: Working at Cat's Protection really helped me to gain a variety of skills. For example, being independent was very important as sometimes the member of staff supervising you had to go to an emergency, so you have to learn to finish the tasks by yourself. Also, it was very rewarding working for a charity and seeing how much work goes into looking after cats that have come into their care.

At Cat's Protection I felt so welcome and I realised how important it was that they worked well as a team, everyone had an important role to play. Many of the people there actually volunteer so it was great to see how many hours people give up to take care of the cats.

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