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Year 10 trip to Cambridge

Eleanor Lomas writes:

On Tuesday, 7th March, fourteen Year 10 students received the opportunity to visit Cambridge University. 

During the trip, we got the chance to visit two of the Colleges that are a part of the University. We firstly visited Churchill College, a far more modern College set around ten minutes from the city centre, and originally founded by wartime leader Winston Churchill. After lunch, we then visited a far more old and castle-like part of the University; this was Trinity College, a world-famous College known for producing figures such as Sir Isaac Newton, and founded by King Henry VIII during the 1500s. 

The trip gave us a great insight into university life and what Cambridge, specifically, has to offer. As an extremely famous and famously difficult university to get into, it gave us a chance to see what could be achieved and gave many of us a desire to reach that top level.

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