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Year 11 Business Studies Trip to Drusillas

Our day at Drusillas was informative and entertaining. We learned a lot about the business and how they use e-commerce. When we arrived we were greeted by our tour guide, James, for the day.

We were taken through the first part of the zoo, which was reptiles, small monkeys and farm animals. My favourite part was definitely milking the fake cow!!

We were then taken by James into the discovery centre where we had a presentation. Our Business Studies controlled assessment task is to investigate how e-commerce might improve a small business. We were given detailed information and the opportunity to ask questions.

Finally he brought out a Python and Chinchilla called John which we could hold and stroke.

Lunch allowed us to visit the café (if you ever happen to visit Drusillas, I recommend eating the chocolate fudge cake!) and some free time, which we decided to spend on the rides (the Hello Kitty ride was phenomenal) and in the maze.

Shortly after, we met up again to have our second half of the tour. In the second half we were taken to see the Lemurs and orange panda amongst many other animals! Then we made our way into the bird enclosure where we were attacked by birds from all angles as we were holding nectar to feed them.

Next we made our way into the pet zoo, meeting all small animals like rabbits and made it round to see different types of monkeys, flamingos and bats. Our trip neared the end as we waved goodbye to James and got back on the minibus to school.

This was definitely a great trip and essential market research for our controlled assessment task.

Zoe Welfare and Sophie Wright

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