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Year 11 Cologne Trip

Our trip began to an early start of 3am, everyone was tired but we still had a good laugh. The coach journey was about 8 hours long which sounds like long time but with Gas Pedal on repeat (cheers Jude), believe me, it felt a lot longer. We got to the hotel in Dusseldorf in the afternoon, each of us got our keys to our rooms. We got settled quickly and set off to the Dome market. It was a short bus journey away and when we got there the lights were amazing. It had a real Christmas atmosphere and the Dome looked spectacular. We hadn’t eaten in a while so we all had some Currywurst and a Gluhwein, or two. Following this we were all allowed to explore the markets freely. This independence was what really made the trip. Later that evening, after a bit of Christmas shopping, we all met up at the Ice Rink in a different market. The ice skating was great fun. We came back from the markets a bit damp, some more than others and slept off the non-alcoholic Gluhwein. The next day, we woke up to an enormous buffet of pastries and fry up. It was a promising wakeup call! We then packed our stuff and hopped back onto the coach for another day at the markets. This time we started our day in the shopping centre of Cologne, although we’d just had a wholesome breakfast I think we all fitted in a few more Dome shaped waffles. We also took a look through some other markets where we had some roasted chestnuts. On our way back to the coach we met some Cologne football fans who were intrigued that we were from around Brighton FC. We got back on the coach and set in for the long haul home. - Patrick W & Oli W


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