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Year 7 trip to Lewes Castle



Amber Talbot, 7 Glynde, writes:                                                                                              

Lewes Castle Trip

On Monday, 1st February, half of Year 7 enjoyed a trip to Lewes Castle (I was in that half); the remaining half stayed at school and carried on with lessons as normal.                                                            

In the morning we all gathered in the year 11Common Room and went over the plan for the day. We discussed what we were doing and what group we were in. After about 15 minutes we went outside to get on the coach. We all raced to get a seat with our friends. I was at the back of the coach with Mina Mirzaei, Mia Henderson, Abi Brown and Erin Barton. It didn’t take long to get there.  

When we arrived at Lewes castle, we gathered into our groups and got started. I was in Mr. Cullen’s group with 12 other people. Our first activity was to recreate the tapestry by putting together jumbled up pieces of the tapestry in the right place, just like a puzzle. We were split into three groups of three and one group of four. It was fairly hard without the actual picture to look at but once we had that it didn’t take that long for my group to finish.  

After that we completed an options activity. Mr. Cullen would read out the scenario and we would have to say what we would do if we were king.

The next activity we had was a tour around the Castle. We got to go up the spiral staircase, which lead to the very top of the Castle. My group learnt some very interesting facts, like wee was very useful and could help to clean armour. The red headed boys’ wee was very valuable and was the best for cleaning the armour, but as soon as the red headed boys became men their wee was not as valuable anymore (being a red head myself I found this very fascinating, although there was no mention of girls). It was a fun experience although I didn’t like the spiral staircases as they were very steep and narrow.

When our tour had finished, we went back to the room we went in to do our tapestry activity and had a well deserved relaxing lunch.                                                                                                          

The Museum was next for us and I was first to go into the shop with Thea, Chloe and Tom L. After we were finished the whole group filed into the mini cinema to watch a ten minute film about the history of Lewes Castle, which was very informative. Afterwards, we went upstairs and filled out the booklets we were given and had to answer all the questions, which covered things like what punishments were given for certain crimes and what food people ate.                                                    

For our last activity we were looking at some artefacts and we talked about what each item might be. One of the artefacts we looked at was something ladies put on the end of their shoes to stop them from getting poo and wee on their feet. This was a great activity to finish a fantastic day on. I thought it was an amazing day and learnt a lot about Lewes Castle’s history. I would definitely recommend it to future year 7’s.                                                                                                  











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