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Year 9 Peer Mentors

Leisha Limbachia writes:

Peer Mentor Training Day

On Tuesday 9th May, ten Year 9 students went to Wellshurst Golf Club to learn what it takes to become a successful Peer Mentor. This involves helping new Year 7 students settle into life at Chailey School during the transition period.

During the day, we practised some key skills: listening, communication, trust and confidentiality. We developed these techniques in great detail by doing various activities, for example, when developing our listening skills, we were tested to see how much information we could remember when reciting it to another person.

In pairs, we simulated random scenarios that young students may need help with, such as: feeling left out from their friendship groups or struggling with their school work. New students should feel happy and confident when talking to Peer Mentors about their problems as we understand that going to an adult about it straight away can be substantially daunting.

I am looking forward to becoming a Peer Mentor because having gone through this experience myself I believe that I can give support to the new students and help them through the transition period.

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