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Year 9 Stop Motion

On Thursday, Year 9 students who spent curriculum enrichment week in school participated in a stop-motion and claymation workshop with Ms Fenn and Mr Fenn-Tye. Once they had seen some examples and learnt the principles of capturing a stop-motion film, students were able to plan and storyboard their own ideas. For a large part of the day, students were then able to apply their learning to creating their own films using a range of materials such as play-doh and lego. Robbie Davis-Holland was one participant who said: 'It takes a lot of time to make even just one minute of the story. It was so fun though because we could make it look good really easily by focusing on small movements.' Students were absolutely absorbed in making their films look professional and it was impressive to see so much positive teamwork go into their creations. Well done Year 9!

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