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Young Voices at the O2


Lydia Hicks and Charlotte Feldwicke, Year 10, write:


Young Voices

Leading up to the Young Voices performance we'd been practising every Monday choir rehearsal for three months. We had also had two after school rehearsals closer to the actual day.

We spent a long time practising a couple of the songs such as Utter Madness, a mix of the band Madness songs and other songs such as Power in Me and Get Loud. These are two personal favourites of a couple of us in the choir; they are both energetic and fun to sing.

When it came to the day (Monday 8th February), we were all excited to finally get to the O2. We had rehearsals from 1.30 – 5.00 where we practised all the songs we already knew and were taught a couple of new songs.

There were some special guest performers who we practised with and they also had some acts that they did by themselves. Katie Melua, Laura Wright, Lemar, a dance group who were with one of the co writers of the song Uptown Funk, the Beatbox Collective and... Ben Haenow!!!!!

Later on the concert began and it was amazing. The songs were all sung really well.  Mr Sandford participated in the teachers’ choir during Laura Wright and the whole Young Voices in the song Invincible. A song that Tom Billington performed called Hyper was really catchy and got stuck in our heads after the performance.

Overall, we had a lot of fun and it was a brilliant experience to be part of :-)

We were all very tired by the end of the night. ;-)




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