Final careers work related learning roadmap



At Chailey School we use Gatsby Benchmarks as a guide to plan our Careers Education programme. The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines to ensure the best careers provision in schools and colleges.

As part of our commitment to informing our students of the full range of learning and training pathways on offer to them, we provide several opportunities throughout the student journey that allow them to explore different career paths. We have developed a structured programme, which includes a wide variety of activities that is focused on providing high quality information and career guidance. This will allow the students to make the best possible decision for their future career paths.

Providers have multiple opportunities to speak to students and their parents across years 7-11, to offer information on vocational, technical and apprenticeship qualifications and pathways.

Staff are able to access information relating to careers in the curriculum.  All staff have their own Unifrog account, access to careers across the curriculum worksheets via the website, documents on the school Sharepoint drive as well as being able to speak to our Careers Lead and Careers & Work-Related Learning Coordinator whenever they need to.

We would be interested to hear from any employers or training providers who would like to get involved with any of the careers and work experience events that we run throughout the year.  Please email to find out more. 


We've discovered 'Padlet', an interactive way to share news. From now on, we will be sharing news about careers, post-16 options and work experience using our Careers, Post 16 & Work Experience News Padlet rather than sending the monthly ‘What’s Next’ newsletter.

The Padlet will be updated as and when new information is shared to us.  Please save the link and check in regularly for updates on everything career, post 16 and work experience related.  The headings dictate the information that is being shared, you can scroll along and down. 

We hope you agree that this is a much easier way to share and see information. We would encourage everyone to explore the Padlet and the information contained within in it.  As ever, this work in progress, feedback is always welcome, so please let us know what you think, and if you'd like to see anything added.

What's Next Careers, Post 16 & WEX Information (



Careers Education SLT Lead

Ms Louise Poole

01273 890407

Careers and Work Related Learning Co-ordinator

Mrs Gail Wickens

01273 890407

Careers Education Link Governor Mr Martyn Carr



Careers FAQ

What is CEIAG?

An acronym for Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.  

How can my child get a Careers interview?

In years 7-9 students will have the opportunity to speak with staff during school. One to one interviews are organised for Year 11. These are advertised in assembles; via tutors; in the weekly staff bulletin and via emails to parents.

How are careers linked to the school curriculum?

What is Chailey School’s policy about work experience for Year 10 students?

Taking part in work experience offers students a valuable opportunity to experience the world of work, and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone.  Students will need to think about what sort of job and work environment might suit them and to then reflect on the skills and experience that are needed for the work place.  Above all it can really help to develop confidence, a sense of responsibility and independence. 

Click the link below to find out more about work experience. 

We use Unifrog to book our work experience placements.

Chailey School Careers Strategy

Chailey School Careers Strategy

What are my child’s options when leaving Chailey School?

Year 11 students have many different options available to them but of course this depends on the grades that they receive. They have the option to go to College to study a variety of courses. These include a range of qualifications including: A Levels, T Levels, NVQs, BTECs, Diplomas and Apprenticeships.

Where can I find Chailey School’s Careers Policy?

Please click here: 

Careers Policy

What are the government’s statutory expectations about what schools should provide for their students?

At Chailey School, we adhere to the Baker Clause on page 33 of the Careers Guidance Provision for Young People in School. This is the latest guidance from the government where the emphasis is on the importance of careers education starting from Y7, and to encourage increased links with employers and providers.

What is e-prospectus?

A search and apply site for FE Colleges and Sixth Forms in East Sussex and Kent. All students are provided with a log in for the site at the beginning of Year 11, and their account goes live to enable them to make applications to colleges and further education establishments. Support is offered in Community & Culture sessions with using and applying through the site.

Useful Careers Websites:

Unifrog About - Unifrog

Careers East Sussex -

Careers East Sussex is now the main platform to be making post 16 applications to the different Colleges and Further Education establishments in East Sussex. Students will use this website to search for the different courses that are on offer and also gives further information about career choices.

Compare School Performance -

This site will allow you to compare schools and colleges in your area.

Goconstruct -

To find out which construction roles are best suited to your interests, skills and qualifications.

Law Careers -

Is all about law - a comprehensive, one-stop online resource created for future lawyers and those who recruit them.

Apprenticeships -

To find out about apprenticeships, to search for vacancies and to apply.

Apprenticeships in Sussex -

Helps you search for apprenticeships, traineeships and pre-employment training in Sussex.

GetMyFirstJob -

Helps you find your first Apprenticeships & Traineeships job and Work Experience.

Science Career Pathways - 

Designed with employers to introduce you to the huge range of job and career opportunities available in the science-based industries.

Careersbox -

The national careers film library, a free careers resource showing hundreds of real people doing real jobs.

National Careers Service -

Provide information, advice and guidance to help you to make decisions on learning, training and work.

Future Learn -

Free online courses.

Fledglink -

Helps to get you prepared for life after education, helps you make better decisions and then lands you the ideal job – all from a single app.

Labour Market Information for all -

An online data portal, which connects and standardises existing sources of high quality, reliable labour market information (LMI) with the aim of informing careers decisions.

BBC Bitesize Careers -

Helps you find out what jobs you may be suited to, with videos and profiles from young people sharing their real-life situations.

Enterprise Advisers

Businesses from a variety of sectors help East Sussex secondary schools - they use their knowledge of the world of work to make a lasting positive impact on the futures of our students.

The East Sussex Enterprise Adviser Network is funded by the Careers & Enterprise Company and East Sussex County Council and is part of a growing national network.

Dan Hayman at Cheesmur Building Contractors is Chailey School's Enterprise Adviser and gives his time generously.  He regularly hosts visits to his business for students to get a taste of working life.  He also works closely with our careers team helping us with practical and inspiring advice for the world of work.