Learning Outside of the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom concerns learning, experiences, and opportunities that take place outside the ‘traditional’ classroom.

It is an integral part of the Chailey curriculum and school life, day-to-day, term-to-term, year-to-year; it plays a vital role in both upholding and sustaining our school values and vision. Such learning experiences engage and inspire minds, are highly motivating, and promote success though challenge; they consequently have a very positive impact on, and correlation with, attainment and academic success.

LOtC opportunities and experiences can offer a different kind of stimulus to that of the four walls of the classroom, broadening the perspective, strengthening positive working relationships and team-work, and demonstrating real-life situations. All students, regardless of circumstances or ability, are strongly encouraged and supported in their participation in a wide range of inclusive, continuous and progressive LOtC activities throughout their time at school – these are monitored, encouraged and recognised through the Chailey Award at key Stage 3 and Chailey Diploma at Key Stage 4.

Staff are trained and supported in their coordination and running of those activities allowing Chailey students to experience, develop and achieve in more ways ‘than they ever thought possible’.

We are so proud to have been awarded the official ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ Gold accreditation. It is emphasised in our school Curriculum Intent and the same Intent for every subject area. More on this can be found in our ‘LOtC policy’ as well as in the different subject area sections under ‘Curriculum Offer’.

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