Curriculum Intent

1. Curriculum Design

-     The ‘formal’ curriculum for Mathematics at Chailey School is designed, drawing on the latest research, to be engaging, challenging, wide-ranging and prepare our students for success in the modern world. We intend to provide students with manageable small steps to help them better understand concepts, provide key vocabulary and questions including reasoning and problem-solving questions that are fully integrated into the scheme of learning.

We will ensure disadvantaged students and those with SEND have access to the curriculum and the opportunities that go with it through teachers responding to their students needs to decide the level of depth taught in each new topic.

2. Coherence and continuity

-     The intent of the curriculum in Mathematics aligns with the overall curriculum intent of Chailey School

-     By the end of Year 11, students are expected to be fluent in Mathematics, adept in applying their knowledge and understanding in solving problems and be able to coherently communicate their mathematical reasoning.

-     To achieve this, the curriculum in Mathematics is planned in coherent sequences of lessons – knowledge, skills and understanding will be built on and applied in a cumulative manner. They have been designed with interleaving as a key element in order to maximise progression and allow flexibility.

-     Assessment, testing of knowledge, skills and understanding, and effective feedback on this in will support this – further details of this can be found in the school’s and subject’s Feedback Policy.

 3. The ‘Informal’ curriculum

-     Mathematics contributes to the school’s ‘informal’ curriculum – the experience and opportunity for students in Mathematics is not just about set of exam results, very important though those may be.

-     Key opportunities for this are UKMT Mathematics challenges (team and individual), puzzle mornings, lunchtime Maths club, tutor time numeracy, inter form activities, curriculum enrichment week, university visits and national university competitions.

-     Mathematics also contributes to the development of cultural literacy including cross curricular links and the history of the subject.

 4. Building character and values in the curriculum

-     All subjects at Chailey School contribute towards building the character and values of its young people.

-     We aim to nurture curiosity, creativity and a passion for learning. This is achieved through promoting resilient, independent thinkers and problem solvers, who are confident mathematicians.


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